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trekkingPosted by Gunnar Muhlmann Fri, August 17, 2007 14:33:52
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Posted by Nada Tue, October 16, 2007 16:24:26

Hey everybody out there. I have been trekking with Anurag Soods Shillatreks in 2002 and 2006. It has both times been a beautiful and poweful experience. Oh Himalaya.. you offer so often such a breathtaking view, that no picture could really show your greatness.. ONe has to Be there. And as we go on trekking, different kinds of vegetation, flowers and astonishing mountain landscapes and formations offer themselves to us.. Wauv.

And then there is the meeting with Shilla people. I got deeply touched to get to know these so called "poor people", that happen to be far more happy, loving and satisfied with Life than we are in the west.

Our Shilla friends are working hard everydag to make our trip beautiful, -with a smile on their face, cooking really nice food for us up there in the middle of this beautiful nowhere, making the greatest fireplaces every night, and so.. Most of them don't own more clothes than what they have on, yet their eyes radiate so much Life.. It is deeply inspiring.

And they fore sure also master how to enjoy having parties! :-)

I wish you too could experience this beautiful part of the Himalaya with Shillatreks

Posted by Nada Tue, October 16, 2007 15:49:18


Posted by Jesper Tue, October 16, 2007 02:43:06

I've been in Shilla I think 5 times. Doing a lot of trekking with the Shilla people.
And it's absolutely fantastic. It's like a ferrytale.
The Himalayan nature is absolutely amacing grace. It's silence and vasteness is beyound words. It's majestic solitude.
And the mountain people fill my heart with love. I'm happy to know that some of them have become my friends through the years. In fact they become close friends to all visitors participating in the Shilla trekking.
The Shilla mountain people are quite different from the average Indian people. Shilla people have a humor very similar to our Danish humor, they even understand our Judelandish irony.
And they are fantastic local guides, porters and cooks. They do everything for us on the trekking, make our super dinner on the fireplace, carry our heavy bags, put up our tents, and they smile, sing, play and dance all the way in all kind of weather.
The Shilla friends are as amazing as the Himalayas. They're openhearted and tuff.

Trekking with Shilla people are adventures, happines and joyfull rahabilitation.
It's simple and easy. In the middle of nature.

Sitting at the fireplace in the dark, (listening to Puran, Asha and other mountain people singing they're antient mountain songs about they're gods and deitys),
after a whole day of walking in the Himalayas clean air, and a healthy meal,
it is all you ever need to be total at peace.

Posted by Bjarne Hansen Thu, September 13, 2007 15:54:31

"If You have passed the age of 50 and wake up one morning without bodily pain -

You are dead". This statement was true for me and my wife until this summers Shillatrekking. To really make use of your body in mindblowing nature is a truely transforming experience for body as well as soul.